The first audiovisual memory that I own was watching as a child is The Elephant Man. 

I was shocked by the black and white contrast of the screen and the rawness of the film. 

I think that aesthetic shaped my vision and it is reflected in many of my today's personal work. 


My aim is to find the beauty in the quotidian, to witness mannerisms and customs and create timeless and meaningful reflections of the people and their stories.

Featured Work

  • Ateneo de Madrid, Photographer and Filmmaker 2023
  • Professional Photo Magazine, United Kingdom, 2022
  • The One Club for Creativity, International NPO, 2022. 
  • The Legacy Issue, Rich Tu, New York, U.S, 2022
  • D+I El Español Magazine, Cecilia Tham (Futurity), Spain, 2021
  • Gudy Herder, Eclectic Trends, Barcelona, Spain, 2021
  • Façonnable, AW 20, London, France, Spain, 2020
  •, Filmmaking, Madrid, Spain, 2019-Present.
  • GQ Magazine, Spain and Italy, 2017
  • The Guardian, United Kingdom, 2017 
  • DreamArt Photography, Cancún, Mexico, 2018
  • Universal Music ( Sting, Bastille, Years&Years, etc.) London, U.K, 2017
  • Aston Martin Racing Ltd., London, U.K, 2016
  • Hackett London, London, U.K, 2016
  • Pepe Jeans London, London, U.K, 2016

Selected Clients

  • Universal Music
  • Aston Martin Racing Ltd.
  • Hackett Limited London
  • Pepe Jeans London
  • Harvey Nichols 
  • Fenty Beauty by Rihanna
  • Canva
  • Ateneo de Madrid   +34 656 53 54 27

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